Develop ineo 6136

Ασπρόμαυρη ψηφιακή πρέσα εκτύπωσης Develop ineo 6136 για μεγάλη παραγωγή εντύπων

  • Πλούσιος παρελκόμενος εξοπλισμός για τελειοποίηση των βιβλίων σας
  • Ιδανική για μεγάλες παραγωγές με 7.940 εκτυπώσεις ανά ώρα
  • Ελάχιστο κόστος εκτύπωσης


Χαρακτηριστικά εκτύπωσης

Τύπος εκτύπωσης: Laser
Ταχύτητα εκτύπωσης/ αντιγραφής Α4: 136/ λεπτό
Ταχύτητα εκτύπωσης/ αντιγραφής Α3: 78/ λεπτό
Ταχύτητα εκτύπωσης/ αντιγραφής SRΑ3: 74/ λεπτό
Ταχύτητα εκτύπωσης/ αντιγραφής ανά ώρα: A4: 7,940 pph | A3: 4,526 pph |SRA3: 4,274 pph
Ανάλυση εκτύπωσης: 1200x 1200 dpi

Χαρακτηριστικά σάρωσης

Ταχύτητα σάρωσης: 240 ipm
Ανάλυση σάρωσης: 600×600 dpi
Scan modes: TWAIN scan; Scan-to-HDD; Scan-to-FTP; Scan-to-SMB; Scan-to-eMail
File Format: TIFF/PDF/Encrypted PDF/XPS/Compact PDF/JPEG

Χαρακτηριστικά αντιγράφου

Χρόνος πρώτου αντιγράφου: 2,6”
Διαβαθμίσεις: 256
Πολλαπλότητα: 1-9.999
Zoom: 25-400% με βήμα 0,1%

Χαρακτηριστικά Συστήματος

Χαρτί εκτύπωσης: ελάχιστο: 95 x 139 mm | Mέγιστο: 324 x 483 mm (με PF-710)
Βάρος χαρτιού: 40-350 gsm | Διπλή όψη: 40-300 gsm
Μέγιστη χωρητικότητα κασετών: 18.000 φύλλα
Μέγιστη Χωρητικότητα εξόδου: 15.000 φύλλα (με παρελκόμενο εξοπλισμό)


Toner : Διάρκεια  φύλλα

Παρελκόμενος Εξοπλισμός

Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501
Automatic colour adjustment
Automatic front to back registration
Real time colour adjustment on the fly
Real time registration adjustment on the fly
Hands free printer profiling
Colour Validation
Envelope fusing unit EF-105
Paper feed unit PF-709
Heating unit HT-506
Folding and punching unit FD-503
Pre-printed sheet insertion (PI),
2 PI trays for 500 sheets each,
punching (2 and 4 hole),
folding (half-fold, z-fold, gate-fold,
letter fold in,
letter fold out,
sub tray for up to 200 sheets
Relay unit RU-518
Sheet reverser; adapts processing speed to 125 ppm
Multi (GBC) punching unit GP-501
Multi punching of A4 sheets
User replaceable die sets for:
velo bind, plastic comb, wire bind, colour coil, pro click
Paper weight: 75 – 216 gsmGBC Punch G2
Paper weights from 75 gsm to 300 gsm
Punches glossy and coated stocks from A5 to SRA3
Punches clear covers of up to 7 mil thickness
Supports tab punching
Offers die sets with the most popular professional binding styles
Double-punch capability for two-up sheet
Auto ring binder GP-502
Stacking, punching and binding of books, up to 102 sheets
self-adjusting bind elements (one size fits all);
paper weight: content 75-120 gsm; cover 163-216 gsm
Booklet making unit SD-506
Booklet making of up to 50 sheets (200 images),
saddle stitching,
output tray for up to 50 booklets,
multi letter fold in (up to 5 sheets),
multi half fold (up to 5 sheets)SD-513Booklet making of up to 50 sheets (200 pages)
Saddle stitching with up to 4 staples with adjustable positions
Multi-letter fold-in (up to five sheets)
Multi-half-fold (up to five sheets)

Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224KR
Booklet making of up to 56 sheets
Saddle stitching with variable staple length
1-6 stitches evenly spaced on the spine of the book
Front-trimming; optional full bleed trimming available
Square folding
Offline usage possiblePlockmatic SD-500/SD-350Booklet making of up to 200 pages on SD-500 (50 sheets)
Optional trim module for a smooth front-edge trim of the booklet
Optional square-fold module turns saddle-stitched booklets into professional flat square-folded books
Offline use also possible
Creasing unit CR-101
Creasing unit for SD-513
Slitting unit TU-503
Spine corner forming unit FD-504
Spine corner forming unit for SD-513
Stacking unit LS-506
Up to 5,000 sheets stacking capacity,
trolley mounted stacker,
auto-shift stacking,
sub tray for up to 200 sheets,
paper clamp mechanism
Perfect binding unit PB-503
Hot melt glue binding system
Integrated 1-side trimming of cover sheets
Books from A5 up to A4+ (307 x 221 mm)
Books from 10 sheets up to 30 mm spine width
Cover paper tray for up to 1,000 sheets
Sub tray for up to 200 sheets
Book stacking capacity of up to 3,300 sheets
2 stacks
Stapling unit FS-532
Stapling of up to 100 sheets; two-point and corner stapling; variable staple length (cutting mechanism); output for up to 4,200 sheets (A4); sub tray for up to 200 sheets; auto-shift sorting and grouping
Saddle stitching kit SD-510
Booklet making of up to 20 sheets (80 images)
Saddle stitching
cover sheets up to 300 gsm
output tray for booklets
multi-letter fold-in (up to 5 sheets)
multi-half-fold (up to 5 sheets)
Post inserter PI-502
Insertion of preprinted sheets; PI trays for 200 sheets each
Punch kit PK-522
Punching (2 and 4 holes selectable)
Humidifier unit HM-103
Post inserting unit PI-PFU
Mount Kit for 3rd party MK-737
Removable HDD kit RH-101
Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224KR
Open Stacker OT-510
Output for up to 4,200 sheets (A4)
Sub tray for up to 300 sheets
Auto-shift sorting and grouping
Sub tray for up to 200 sheets

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